Care Setup

So what will care look like?

Our goal at Evolve Spine and Rehabilitation is to help you reach yours. Whether you want to pick up grand-kids without pain, sit through a long work day without feeling like someone poured cement in your back, or simply looking to lead a healthier lifestyle; we are here for you.

Just as important to us that we get you feeling better, is getting you to be in control of your pain. We strive to teach you ways to manage your pain once we have it under control.

Below is a breakdown of how care is typically set-up; obviously, everyone is different, so this is just to give you an idea of what to expect because at Evolve Spine and Rehabilitation, we believe in complete transparency, a novel idea in healthcare. 

Phase One is typically the first phase of care for patients who come into the office in pain. Using our many modalities, we make it a priority to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Although pain is not very fun, it is also not THE PRIMARY goal of care at Evolve Spine and Rehabilitation. Oftentimes, even after pain has subsided; the original cause of the pain is still lurking. This can be anything ranging from poor mobility, muscles not activating as they should, or even poor habits at work. A vastly important step to care is identifying where your pain is coming from, and attacking it at its source.

Another problem with pain is that your body often times ‘protects’ the painful part of your body. This is completely normal and a natural reaction to pain. (I.e  you do not really want to walk around on a sprained ankle.) But this can lead to compensatory movement and MORE pain down the road, so it is important to rehab correctly to allow your body to move the way it is supposed to!

We are with you every step of the way, and we will have a plan in place so get you at your best as quick as we can.

Keeping in mind that every case is different, the second phase TYPICALLY begins once we have restored motion (mobility) and decreased your pain levels.

This is the phase where we address what was causing your pain in the first place. If we just address pain and ignore what was causing the pain in the first place, it is extremely likely the pain will come back. This IS NOT to say you will need to see me 5x a week forever, this IS to say we need to teach your body the correct way to use your muscles and to give you the proper tools and joint stability to avoid the pain coming back in the future.

If you have ever heard the rumor you need to see a chiropractor every week for the rest of your life, this is typically the step that has been missing from your care. If you are looking for a pain reliever only, pop a Tylenol. It is cheaper and masks problems very well. If you are looking to actually become healthier and take control of your pain. Addressing the source of the pain is the way to go.

This is the fun phase of care! Once we get you out of pain, increase your mobility and teach your body how to stay there, we can start chasing your goals. Many people come in complaining of pain while picking up the kids (new mommas, looking at you), playing with grandkids, or even that painful shoulder or back pain while working out. This is the phase we can get you back to your activities feeling 100% and with the tools to not only resume these activities pain-free, but to get back to them for longer periods of time while doing more of it.

This can be considered more of a training/overseeing phase. Sometimes as the intensity increases, there are things we can monitor while you go. We don’t kick you out of the nest hoping you can fly; we will continue to be there with you every step of the way. Education is key as well. When aches and pains do arise, our goal is it give you the tools to identify these pains, and give you the tools to address them alone. Of course our office is always open to you, but I believe everyone can become fluent in their health; and I love to show people how.

I would like to again press the fact that this is a very general outline. Everyone is different! Everyone begins their journey at different stages. This is just an overview of my philosophy in health and to give you an idea of how we plan to not only get you pain-free, but to show you the steps on how to keep you there. If you want to learn even more about what we do, I encourage you to call or message me and we can get you in for a FREE consultation. (Especially if you have read this far) It is very hard to find someone you trust in the healthcare field, and I want to give people the opportunity to meet me and ask questions COMPLETELY FREE before allowing to me care for you. Whether you want to take this opportunity or wish to set up an exam, I hope we meet very soon.

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