HIGHLY recommended!!! This place is great! They are very thorough and will actually help you and fix the problems. I don't feel I need to ever go anywhere else besides here. Give them a try, you won't regret it!
Paul D.
Dr. Reynolds is MORE than 5 stars! I have only been under his care for the past 3 months and he has done what multiple other medical professionals couldn't in 6 months...FIXING the ACTUAL source of my pain. He is not only gentle and caring; he is extremely patient and so positive and encouraging. He listens and pays attention to me describe and point out specific spots and patterns of aches and pains and doesn't assume he knows it already so that during the fixing and healing process, he can treat each and every part of what has been affected by the source. He stays on top of it and that has made all the difference in my recovery and return to life before the pain.
Diane M.
When I first came to see Dr. Reynolds, I had been dealing with chronic neck and lower back pain, headaches and lack of mobility for 8 months. Since seeing Dr. Reynolds, I am no longer waking up with headaches. My mobility has increased and I have significantly less pain in my neck and lower back. I like that he is extremely thorough and exceptional at what he does. The staff, as well, is super helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Reynolds!
Garrett G.
I had suffered with knee pain and even had to wear knee braces for several years before coming to see Dr. Reynolds. Since seeing him my knees no longer hurt and I'm free of knee braces! His staff treated me amazingly and I like that he makes you feel healthier and better in only a matter of a couple of visits.
Bryanna K.