Chiropractic adjustments are a very safe, specific, controlled force applied to a joint to restore proper function and mobility. Like an ankle sprain, you can injure joints in your spine that become painful. Unlike large joints such as your ankle and knees, your body can heal without properly using these joints again. Healing without full motion can cause the joint to break down along with other compensations in the future. An adjustment ensures these joints move as best they can to ensure a fully balanced recovery from your injuries.

  • Activator: This highly safe and conservative method of adjusting uses a spring-loaded instrument tool to provide a gentle and highly specific adjustment. For patients who may be uneasy about having a more forceful adjustment, Activator is a good option we have to get the joint or tissue moving better and restore function.
  • Drop Table: Also spring-loaded, this type of chiropractic table features different pieces and uses gravity as a way to generate force through the adjustment. Considered to be in the middle of the force spectrum, this technique is also gentle.
  • Diversified: This manual type of adjustment uses more force, and you may hear a pop or cracking sound.


Dry needling involves a thin filiform needle that penetrates the skin and stimulates underlying myofascial trigger points and muscular and connective tissues. Dry needling is oftentimes used on chronic, stubborn pain that is proving difficult to resolve.

Myofascial Release is a treatment that attempts to release tension in the fascia due to trauma, posture, or inflammation. Connective tissues called fascia surround the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs of the body. After a traumatic event, this fascia can become scarred and heal abnormally. We attempt to release this scar tissue to help with pain and to increase motion.

Kinesiology Therapeutic (KT) tape is used to support and relieve pain in muscles, joints, and/or ligaments. It reduces swelling, increases mobility, and enhances recovery. KT tape provides support and pain relief before, during, and/or after an activity. Range of motion is not limited by the tape and may be worn during all your daily activities.

Custom Orthotics are shoe inserts that are intended to correct an abnormal or irregular walking pattern, by altering slightly the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface. At Evolve, we take an exact measurement of your foot and personalize your orthotics. This means you get the quality of a podiatrist, without podiatry prices.

Therapeutic Ultrasound is a treatment modality used to provide deep heating to soft tissues in the body. These tissues include muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. As well as heating and relaxing the muscles, ultrasound therapy breaks down scar tissue and increases local blood flow. All of this combines to increase healing rates in the area, making it a suitable way to speed up slow-healing or chronic issues.

Muscle Re-Education simply refers to teaching a group of muscles how to best perform the job they are intended to do. Oftentimes we get patients who have heard that ‘they have weak glutes’, or ‘their hamstring need strengthening’. While there is the occasional instance where people simply need to get stronger, it is FAR more likely that their muscles just aren’t very good at performing those tasks, regardless of strength. At Evolve, we teach your muscles to properly fire in sequence to perform their task. From body builders to couch potatoes, many issues may be addressed by reteaching your body the correct movement patterns.

Spinal decompression therapy, also known as non-surgical spinal decompression, is a practice that utilizes spinal decompression tables to relieve pain by creating a scenario in which bulging or herniated disc tissue is able to move back into place and heal, alleviating the pain this condition causes by getting pressure of your nerves.

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which special cups are placed on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and to help decrease the amount of time tissue takes to heal.